Sara* for President

I am going to go with the asterisk for indicating a wild card character – insert an h or not, it will save me typing.

 I nominate my friend Sarabeth for US President, and I’ll tell you why I’ll vote for her:

1.  First and foremost, in a way she has both an h and the absence of an h at the end of her name.  It’s kinda funny, but it works.  Bi-partisanship – that’s the way you win votes in Congress.

2.  It would be ironic to vote for her because she is an Objectivist and Ayn Rand wrote about how a woman should NOT be President (Ayn Rand, author of _Atlas Shrugged_).

3.  She likes cats, not dogs.  We need a cat person in the White House.  They’re reserved, choosy about their friends, and won’t randomly attack you.

So those are the personal reasons to vote for her.  How about her stand on political issues:

 War in Iraq – ethnically Lebanese, she can actually find and identify the Middle East on a map, and having family that comes from there, would be less likely to bomb them

Global Warming – Sarabeth has general LISTENING skills that come in handy when it comes to international cooperation – what was that, burning coal for electricity and gasoline for fuel will cause hurricanes, droughts, extinctions?  You don’t say?

to sum up for a few more issues – social security, health care reform, GLBT marriage, abortion – basically, Sarabeth is a capitalist – much more interested in letting you take care of yourself and your own future than micro-managing it for you. 

Next Post:  Sara*s in Technology


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Hello world!

How cool would it be to have a global political party?  No more my nation this and your country that – it’s time for humanity to wake up and unite.  Now, my other point is what would be the sense of having a global political party if there was nothing to unite around??  I mean, in the United States, we unite around geography.  I live close to you, therefore what I do means something to you.  Take away geography, and we need something else.  I think that thing should be the fact that a whole lot of people across the globe are named Sara/Sarah.

Should we dominate the globe?  No.  Could we?  By sheer force of numbers, we could.  How many times have you been in a situation where there were maybe two or three Jens but five or six Sara/Sarahs? 

More than that, we have a dual system built into our community that will allow us to make fair and democratic decisions – the Saras and the Sarahs.  That one letter at the end or lack thereof provides an easy reference point for telling who belongs to which group.  While Democrats and Republicans could be anyone, the stranger passing you in the crosswalk or even your boss, you will never have to wonder whether a Sara is a Sara or a Sarah is a Sarah (unless of course you’re just hearing the name instead of seeing it, in which case you might be well advised to ask “Are you with or without an H?” –  but you do that anyways, so what’s the big deal …)

I welcome input from anyone regardless of praenomenclature.

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